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Ferrari 512
Carado Motor-Home In Germany Before Its Trip To The USA
A "Ro-Ro" boat. (Roll On Roll Off Ship)

We have found that the best way to let people know what a great job we can do is for them to tell you themselves.  Here are a few quick customer reviews.  Since our service is absolutlely private and discreet, we have not included contact information out of an obligation to privacy.  If you want to contact some of our previous customers just contact us and let us know.  We will provide references.

We cannot recommend R.I. IMPORT SERVICES highly enough. For us they solved a very difficult import case of an Italian special interest vehicle professionally, quickly and cost effectively.


"I want to thank you again.  I struggled with this (importing) for years!
In my view you performed a miracle.  Thank-you." 



"I called at least ten different Registered Importers, several shipping companies and export agents.  I had just about given up when I found you and within a few days all of my problems were solved and I got my new German Motor-Home imported into the USA.  Just when you thought customer service was dead."


"Your expertise and experience got me through a process I had become convinced was impossible.  I read all the DOT and Customs web site instructions and materials and was so lost I was convinced I would never get my European car imported into the United States.   I was wrong.  You made it possible.  Thanks.


"Being in Europe at the time I was attempting to bring a vehicle into the USA the time difference was a real problem, or so I thought.  When you said you were there 24 hours a day, I was skeptical... Now I am not.  Your immediate responses to email and phone calls made all the difference"



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